Staying Safe During the Pandemic

If you have questions or concerns regarding your physical therapy needs (injury, exercise program, preventative tips, ect), please call the office at 716-839-1550 (Amherst) or 716-276-3196 (Clarence), or please email or, so that we may help. We are here to help, even at a distance! We want to make sure that our patients receive the best possible care and advice, in and out of the office. We know that pain does not stop, just because everything else has.  

We will also continue to practice on site, at each office location, unless otherwise mandated by the Department of Health.  We recognize that healthcare workers play an essential role in the wellness of our community members and we are doing everything possible to provide our staff and patients with the best possible care, in a clean, safe environment. 

We appreciate your support and  cooperation during this time.

Stay healthy,
Phoenix Physical Therapy


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